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Services provided

From environmental assessments to wildlife surveys, species-at-risk recovery or re-introduction biology strategies, we provide an array of services for various wildlife, zoological and environmental needs.

Some examples of provided services:

Wildlife monitoring and baseline data collection is often recommended throughout various development projects. This information is key to long-term monitoring success and helping mitigate against on-going project impacts. We have experience undertaking all of the above surveys and can provide on-the-ground support in addition to helping prepare reports and documents required for government and permitting authorities.

Raptor Nest Mitigation

  • Provide Known Nest Site Locations Information

  • Provide Best Management Practice Recommendations

  • Provide Mitigation Options for Regulator Requirements

  • Bald Eagle Nest Management Plans

  • Osprey Nest Management Plans

  • Other Raptor Nest Management Plans

  • Selection of New Nest Locations

  • Provide Nest Site Alternative Solutions

  • Build & Install Mitigation and Alternative Nest Structures

  • Develop and Provide Mitigation Reports

  • Provide guidance on nest removals, modifications or relocations

In partnership with David Hancock and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, we have over 70 years of combined raptor experience and have become the go-to resource for government agencies requiring Bald Eagle and Osprey mitigation options for clients. We provide both recommendations and cost-effective solutions for providing alternative nest structures and/or the construction and installation of artificial mitigation nests- both proven, effective strategies.

Working with corporations as large as TransMountain and LNG Canada, through individual property owners and independent arborists seeking professional support, we can help provide expertise on Best Management Practice implementation, as well as guidance on navigating regulatory requirements.

Environmental Monitoring

  • Baseline Ecological Inventories

  • Rare Plant & Animal Surveys

  • Habitat and Wetland Restoration Projects

  • Species-at-Risk Surveys

  • Invasive Species Surveys

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Riparian Area Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments, species-at-risk and plant and terrestrial vertebrate surveys are all highly recommended before any development projects begin. We can provide input into the decision making processes, protocol development and implementation of best management practices and can partner with other experts wherever required to ensure project success and regulation adherence.

Conservation Breeding

  • Hand-rearing Techniques & Protocols

  • Incubation Techniques

  • Biosecurity & Health Management

  • Enclosure Design

  • Studbook & Record Keeping

  • Reintroduction & Translocation

With the continued decline of many in-situ populations of animals, conservation breeding and reintroduction are becoming increasingly important tools in conservation. We offer a number of resources and expertise in captive wildlife management and reproduction; a unique and growing field requiring very specific skill-sets to ensure proper wildlife handling and ethical practices.

Wildlife Surveys & Monitoring

  • Breeding Bird Surveys

  • Pre-clearing Surveys

  • Aerial Raptor Surveys

  • Bird Trapping & Banding

  • Noctornal/Diurnal Owl Surveys

  • Small Mammal Live-Trapping

  • Breeding Bird Surveys

  • Raptor Nest Surveys

  • Radio & Satellite Telemetry

  • Bat Monitoring

  • Ungulate surveys

  • Amphibian surveys

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